Fuck Internet Censorship

Recently, someone admitted they had no idea that the Chinese government blocks a population size of 1.31 billion from accessing Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare and Google search results (ie. the Tienanmen Square Massacre). Needless to say I was shocked to hear that someone living in the US with such easy access to an uncensored web was unaware of this fact of oppression. Yet even more shocking is to realize governments controlling population sizes 4 times the size of the US can get away with this without massive revolt from their own people.The statistics are staggering. China's population size is roughly 4 times the size of the US yet I have yet to read about Chinese masses uprising against the government's totalitarian control over public information.

  • China | 1.31 billion people (2008 estimate)
  • United States | 312 million people (2008 estimate)

| wolframalpha.comThis post will suffice as a public service announcement about the Great Firewall of China and the devastating effects that censorship has on the open web. Imagine if the US government blocked access to a tool like Foursquare because too many users were checking into Kent State. Now imagine that scenario times 1700 when accounting for the 7,000 Chinese protesters massacred at Tienanmen Square.Also,Blocking Facebook in Pakistan = Blocking the telephone because of a prank caller | Fucking get it together PakistanAnthropology of Internet Censorship readings:Cyber Anthropology

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