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Italy has pledged to participate in ELIXIR, a major undertaking to safeguard the results of life science research in Europe.
Scientists at EMBL Grenoble have discovered how a protein sounds the alarm when it detects viruses invading a cell. The study, published today in Cell, is a key development in our understanding of the innate immune response, shedding light on how cells rapidly respond to a wide range of viruses including influenza, rabies and hepatitis.
Regina Holliday to speak at the 5th Annual SD eHealth Summit in Sioux Falls on November 9th.
David B. Borofsky will be formally inaugurated as the twenty-second president of Dakota State University Thursday, April 11th. The event will begin with a reception at 3 p.m., with the ceremony to follow at 4 p.m. at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the DSU campus. The public is invited to attend both events.
Dakota State University announces the 2013-14 recipients of the Cyber Corps scholarship.
This commentary previews an upcoming Supreme Court case, US Airways v. McCutchen, in which the Court will decide whether courts are permitted to use equitable principles to rewrite contractual language for benefit plans under ERISA.
This short article explores the circumstances under which the power to vote shares owned by another may be made irrevocable.
Tuck’s Richard D’Aveni writes that there is new hope of correcting records of China’s state capitalist system for the global economy.
The first class of students from Dartmouth’s Master of Health Care Delivery Science program graduated on January 19.
Professor Dirk Vandewalle talks about the geopolitical factors at play in recent terrorist activity in Algeria and Mali.
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