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Eighth graders made modest gains in national science testing, with Hispanics and blacks narrowing the gap between their white and Asian peers, the government reported Thursday.
Orange County's inland temperatures should climb into the 80s by Saturday, the National Weather Service says, with warmth and sunshine lingering through Monday. Then the weather makes another shift toward the cool side of the spectrum in the week...
William R. Oliver Jr., Jennifer L. Shenk, Mike R. Snaith, Caroline S. Russell, Kelli D. Plunket, Noni L. Bodkin, Michael C. Lewis, Deborah A. Winegar, Marcos L. Sznaidman, Millard H. Lambert, H. Eric Xu, Daniel D. Sternbach, Steven A. Kliewer, Barbara C. Hansen, Timothy M. WillsonApr 24, 2001; 98:5306-5311Pharmacology
Companies should always let you know what their timeline for hiring is.
Boeing will deliver its first 787 jet on Sunday, injecting new technologies and new routes into the commercial airline industry.
CDC: The death toll has risen to 8 as the ongoing outbreak of listeria food poisoning from Colorado cantaloupes has sickened at least 55 people
    A mix-up in the sequence of some generic birth control pills has their maker issuing a recall. Users of eight different oral contraceptives made by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals are at risk of becoming pregnant, said a local pharmacist.
8 ways to appear more authoritative • • • • • • • • • by Woman's Day, on Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:17am PDT 255 Comments Post a Comment Read More from This Author » Report Abuse Share retweet Email Print by Amanda Greene Whether it’s your self-assured best friend or that coworker who always garners respect, some people just seem to have a natural air of authority.
Researchers have discovered a trove 70 and 83 million year old dinosaur protofeathers, preserved in amber in Canada.
You have been so tired lately, you get up from your desk 20 times a day to use the ladies' room, and your bra feels like it has a stranglehold on your chest.
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