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by Yanwen Sun, Michael G. Connor, Jarrod M. Pennington, Matthew B. Lawrenz
by Jay A. Gantz, Nathan J. Palpant, Robert E. Welikson, Stephen D. Hauschka, Charles E. Murry, Michael A. Laflamme
The cellular sources of IL-9 in lung inflammation remain unknown. Stockinger and colleagues use an IL-9 reporter to show IL-9 production is restricted to innate lymphoid cells during papain-induced lung inflammation.
A simple episomal fluorescent reporter for flow cytometric enrichment of cells with zinc-finger nuclease– or TALE nuclease–induced genomic modifications is described.
Many scientists had hoped that serious forest damage would not set in before the middle of the 21st century.
A former senior reporter at News of the World filed an unfair-dismissal claim against News Corp.'s U.K. newspaper unit, saying he was a whistleblower in the phone-hacking scandal.
* A special report by our Ask D’Mine columnist Wil Dubois *   The weather forecast today calls for radical change, patient empowerment, new roles for doctors, and a call for a return to some good old fashioned medicine.                                 Say what? Last week the ’Mine crew were privileged to attend the day-long Stanford Summit [...]
The Metropolitan Police Service said on Wednesday that it had withdrawn its demand, at least for now, that the Guardian newspaper reveal the sources it used for articles about phone hacking.
The Chinese media have speculated that Li Xiang’s murder may have been prompted by details he posted on his Web site touching on a scandal involving the illegal reuse of cooking oil.
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