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      What is ideaCity?
      - A three-day conference with 500 attendees, 50 different speakers, extended conversation breaks and a party after each day's sessions.
      - An annual event:
      -- ideaCity10 to be held 16, 17, 18 June 2010 in Toronto.
      -- The first conference was held in June 2000.
      - A "Meeting of Minds"; a "Mecca for Lateral Thinking".

      For more info, go to
      Über mich:

      ideaCity, also known as 'Canada's Premiere Meeting of the Minds', is an eclectic gathering of artists, adventurers, authors, cosmologists, doctors, designers, entertainers, filmmakers, inventors, magicians, musicians, scientists and technologists.

      Fifty of the planet's brightest minds converge on Toronto each June to speak to a highly engaged audience. Only 497 are privileged to attend.

      Produced and presented by Moses Znaimer, ideaCity is not themed around any one topic, issue or business. There are no scripted speeches or, breakout or parallel sessions. Rather, everyone is in one place and in on the same narrative.

      With extra-long schmooze breaks between sessions, and legendary parties each night, attendees have had an unprecedented opportunity to mingle with such notable speakers as Conrad Black, Barbara Gowdy, Michael Ignatieff, Douglas Coupland, Pamela Wallin, Pete Seeger, Robert Kennedy Jr., John Ralston Saul, Daniel Libeskind, Clayton Ruby, Romeo Dallaire and the late Peter Jennings.
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