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    Twelve Beauties of Jinling's off screen life 20 years ago, the TV series relish, very familiar. Prior to this, their industry wide variety of half of the Summer Palace closed study, three years removed from north to south shooting a year tour the country's propaganda, so that they become a star., they have What kind of life? dreams of youth, they had the other people's ability She has twice the original, 18-year-old little girl, with the familiarity of the original impressed the director. after, no one thought the thin and lonely forest sister actually sharpen a competent, independent strong woman, hard-year sea in the advertising industry a place. to give up acting. Chen Xiaoxu now apparently preferred the ad: , committed to investment in the television drama .5 years, her company has already made seven television films, full-length TV shows in the next year intend to Toupai She said: things. , the ideal is when the director, but the director to see this small log keeper, immediately closed: Tanchun her Oriental Wen Ying I also recognize that strong chun and her temperament is indeed too much like. out Oriental Wen Ying of the Red Chamber : very stupid, she has tried to fill up classes, and got emotional delicate known Japanese TV drama, but ultimately uninteresting: understand how today's kids like so much? School graduate, || Nike Mercurial SL, took a few years after, Xiao Zhen Guo has experienced a period of twists and turns of 1988, 1989 for two consecutive years to apply for the drama, because culture results is not enough to get the job .13-year-old into the opera school, she graduated busy filming, neglected cultural studies, became her step, but one hurdle. do not want to do in the other half, more than ten years to live a quiet life. hearty, she told reporters that the husband is a doctor, she was to accompany his mother to see a doctor when you encounter him, the young man her the whereabouts of their daughter 10 years old, Xiao Zhen Guo laughed and said she and her daughter on the screen lesson is, can not let her repeat the same mistakes. the Qingwen, Zijuan Beijing the Hongqi more Theatre her teacher is strongly recommended her to the crew, did not expect her girl households no one knows I acted in l Xichun to r. 14-year-old some time ago CCTV replay years the youthful this gathering near 40 shoe factory temporary workers, her eyes hidden bitterness director a fancy candidate is clothing, and now do business gift. Ji Yu formerly known as Ji, Peijie, because speech Miaoyu, put the name changed to Ji Yu, by the way, and married, 21-year-old gave birth to a daughter, 26-year-old after a divorce to start a single mother. Ji Yu proudly told reporters that the daughter is 16 years old She and her daughter go out and passers-by are when they are sisters, Ji Yu said she wished the years slowly, a little, she felt that her life will be more colorful. Deng Jie (Wang Xifeng): the cause of love harvest Needless to say, Deng Jie, there is no Deng Jie after her performing arts routing from this role, took a dramatic turn and suddenly the same time, after which she met Zhang Guoli, from Fuchangfusui each other contribute to the cause of love also successful and happy to know that, when she can only play a small role in Chengdu, Sichuan Opera Troupe, the stage station is 40 minutes, || Mercurial Victory FG, motionless. where early access Xifeng this role, she is very confident Deng Jie is quite different, as if the Xifeng and then the world She said: a spring. Jin Lili former operator of the suburb of Hangzhou people's communes, no acting experience, can only be selected to play more College, now we have to go to school, the results they can only elect a spring. this Spring Mou First Chengdu Motor Company Lao Zike's Director-General, in the street when the lock bike to be vice director fancy her later in Beijing actor has done, but also run the company with her husband Jin Lili year and Gong Li, Shi Wu Yujuan adding that the Dream her work and the performing arts there is no relationship mmm she is the editor of the Yahoo site, the , but it is still quite like the art of the Red Chamber characters once again been concern in the community, she hopes to again have the opportunity of a TV series. treasure Zhang Li (chai): the son is already 5 years old to settle in Canada sister already bought a ticket ready to come back to the party, may have sought to sign a contract, only to give up when she was the battle flag of the Chengdu Military Region, the art troupe of dancers played out Baochai, Ouyang Fenqiang together into Shenzhen University Later, she went abroad for further studies to know now husband, and together they do business, and gave another life, and now his son is already 5 years old. Mei (Yuan-chun): married her was a salesman of Nanjing Xin Jie Kou Department Store Culture and Sports Department, finished the play and no longer acting, and later married into the United States, this time not been able to return to a poly Zhang Lei (Qin Ke): moved to Japan < br> Zhang Lei was a National Defense Science and Technology Commission information, and now also moved to Japan and live a relaxed and happy day. the Sun Mengquan (Lee Wan): the diligent silently filming Sun Mengquan the original actors of the China Broadcasting TV series Mission , over the years has been diligently filming, even though her name is not known this, because the outside shooting, too late to come back to meet with Zhongjie Mei. Red House children 20 years later to meet Bao Dai still looks teaser of wood and stone before the Union, today the director, the boss, we can only lament is truly a stream. who knows when the mother, || Nike Mrceurial SL, played the Princess made a producer of Deng Jie did rely on spiders to find Jin Lili the confidence two spring, Mou a lucky coincidence, circle years to see side but Burongyia! I believe you the next 20 years will be even better! TV Station Mr. Dai Lingfeng issued such a blessing 20 years ago, from across the country, the average age of only 20-year-old young man came to Beijing, the famous they bear the reputation of the year to start their own life. Yesterday, they met in the CCTV famous book of the year. gem practical director Ouyang Fenqiang came from Chengdu yesterday morning, the beard he has been retained, it is hard to find the gem of the shadow. He said he is miraculously elected Red House crew Before that, he studied acting is at the lowest point in life, so he especially cherish the opportunity in the son is the most industrious people of the whole crew. time, regardless of the scene is shot how complicated drama gem a time holding the book to read. If there is no filming, he must study in the dormitory. played out of heart gem, broadcast its reputation, Ouyang Fenqiang selected back to his home in Chengdu, transferred to the Sichuan TV drama assistant director, to start behind the scenes, which means he has to start from scratch, he said: The strange vision of the director of the material of the kind of discrimination is largely a blow to my self-esteem. I did the play of the second part of the assistant director of moonlighting, every day, eat eggs, but I do not, I would like to humbly I almost collapsed. the conditions to retain his living. at university in Shenzhen, a 24-year-old Ouyang independent director of a short TV series debut, received by the Taiwan leadership. Since then, he shot a lot of drama to the speed of each year 23 drama, drama all awards is almost wholly took the first two years towards commercialization in the popular television series, he also worry about the future, but in the end out of the confusion. his wife before he shot now to do his work to co-ordinate and they had a son, but unfortunately died at Now, her daughter was attending primary school. The the Daiyu money does not mean happy Chen Xiaoxu is still that of her is yesterday, when wearing long at once to recognize her, her eyes welled up tears. soon after she left the filming time, she is the host of his comrades Song and Dance Ensemble performed to reduce her fade out of the entertainment industry In 1989, the cause of confusion for her eccentric character development to the extreme. her to go abroad, hire a nanny , and shut himself up to bitter attack English at home, but due to the character of even the nanny to scare off. finally out of the country, but three months later, she still can not stand alone chose to return in two years, she first job is to pick up a job of advertising the cover after she and a friend Beijing Great Wall, contracted advertising company later set up his own World Bang ad, embarked on a career and stable development of the road until 1992. < br> a withdrawn woman, how to embark on the accumulation of wealth? She has been house phobia 70 square meters of shabby homes rented 400 square meters of luxury to have today, she said the fate of the change on their own, she admits: money did not make me happy when I thought of my enjoyment in the actress of the crew mostly from the first marriage, which is by then the environmental impact of the social transition. Today, she said: Baochai Afar the cloud During the study, her film She sold the company last year, became an independent investor. , settle abroad also play qing and yuan spring Actor in Twelve Beauties of Jinling, and yesterday they were all in different ways, to the crew expressed their greetings. Yesterday, the most sensational scene Granny Liu and board children together. play a board children 20 years ago, Li Yue was only 5 years old, sand finished Lee is more grown up to the UK Cambridge study. Yesterday, he was sitting in the audience asked when the host Zhu Sha Yuhua Li Yue from the audience come on stage and hugged the grandmother that moment, tears have been not only great-grandfather of two generations of people from the 20 years seen in the eyes of gush when the tears are not dry when the audience, Zhu audience, when they rescued Qiaojie, this 26-year-old young lady and now Yahoo's Web Editor. Deng Jie emotion: 5-year-old child, what it is today, you can not seize 20 years time. is the famous actor of the film and television Jin Lili. then hit Xi Yuan. king director for her introduction: is the rural household. I took her to the crew. Spring played to a half, she secretly enrolled in the Central Academy of Drama, she cried and told me to read, I reluctantly let her go. I said: Dream found on the street is still the city bus company Lao Zike cadres Mu a, she was reading the Radio and TV are not interested in acting when she did not leave their parents, there has never been in the train, that is, can take a train to dream in Beijing, so she convinced his parents to leave home. finished a girl the fate of Wang Xifeng spider moves of the year : Australia, life for a long time, actively engaged in the China-Australia cultural exchanges, in recent years to return and participate out Xibaipo Deng Jie is Mainland film the biggest names in the face of weeks of January, she revealed for the first time 20 years ago in my heart the secret: I am suffering. One day, I saw in the dormitory wall crawl to the two spiders, one white, one is red, I secretly bet, I put that white seen as the weeks of January, red is see which spider climbed to the top. At this time, the white spider climb a long time suddenly turned a corner, spider mite has been moving forward. I have confidence. the background information Imperial Household officials of the Qing court, and even have the trust of Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng period, his home was raided, the family moved to Beijing. boyhood Cao Xueqin lived a sheltered life of luxury in Nanjing, and moved to Beijing, consist decline gradually into a rope bed tile stove in poverty in his later years living west of Beijing, Poverty and ill health, blazing octyl he experienced a family background of ups and downs, exposure to a wide range of social reality, so the rule of the Qing Dynasty as well as bureaucratic aristocracy have a clear understanding of corruption and evil. he spent twenty-time creation for the coming year, continued to fill the high E and high E word Lan Shu, Tieling, Liaoning, he continued to fill in the Qianlong Dynasty. original: of Cao Xueqin Dream garden built near the park, are catching up with juice flavor and adequate supply of raw materials, even wood have been the special approval of the Government of Sixteen years ago, full-length TV series adaptation of , captured the hearts of countless boys and girls in this luxurious and brilliant drama behind, there are many little-known story. the government granted the land: on location changed the garden said , had referred to a person, he is the original factory manager of Dongfeng TV, the Grand View Garden Consultant Mr. Huang Zonghan is he will bring together the crew and the Government of Xuanwu District, Xuanwu District Government want to the vicinity of the then South Garden Youth an area of ​​approximately 180 acres of nursery transformation into a park, but just the location at this time grant of $ 750,000 as set King fee for this movie, otherwise calculating the hearts of the money Huang old gentleman, he thought why not take the opportunity to build a book exactly the same as the Grand View Garden, and left behind the point of spiritual wealth. ? he intends the construction of these so-called location not exceed 4% of the total area of ​​such a large landscape architecture, much larger than this ratio. Thus, because of the special attractions, the leadership of the competent authorities for this to open a green light to maintain the original Grand View Garden all buildings in all the ancient buildings of wood structure, wood raw material was very nervous in the mediation of Mr. Huang Lao, the Grand View Garden of wood to get special approval. ten years the Grand View Garden unconditional borrowed 940,000 yuan from the Xuanwu District Government is simply inadequate. In fact, the final completion of the Grand View Garden, spent a total of over twenty million yuan. so much money to? At this time, Mr. Huang Zonghan with had a very vivid metaphor: construction has been completed, coupled into the garden to see too many visitors to the film crew, affecting the shooting, then get approval from the relevant departments of the Grand View Garden is officially selling tickets to, but still people but not less. ticket sales, all inputs to the construction, so after 10 years of hard work, a radius of 150 acres, a total of 40 attractions in Grand View Garden is finally built, and paid off the government's 94 million. start from scratch: CCTV eye history the famous year (early 1980s), CCTV just a press unit is not suitable for the filming of the drama, they do not have a film department, stage management department, lighting department, props department, however, the final sets of leadership decided in the case almost from scratch Toupai drama. At that time, the CCTV leadership that best start from a historical masterpiece, of course, the classic of classics is Cao Xueqin's Dream of Red Mansions units outside the arena. Wang Fu Lam CCTV literature department of a television director, took over this discussion of the Dream composed of actor training courses. a pillow, but also to tell her story, two innocent people in bed, Liangxiaowucai to create a ruckus. It's a story if you want to choose became the name of the star or to find a 20-year-old Yi Miqi eight young men and women in bed so frustrating, the play certainly is the bedroom scene. these actors must be pure, true, but also to have some understanding and skills. too comic or seen the the Shaoxing movie copies of the original somewhat morbid and melancholy face, she plays ; falls Deng Jie, who was the Sichuan Opera Theatre students Jen looks a bit ?? play youth long a baby face, play the kids and it looks big, so the teens into the line, he did six years on the bench actor, however, || Mercurial Superfly, is the Results; Jia For the attention of the play. the face of challenge: to create a Chinese historical drama first of its kind graduated from a two-month training course, but these students had never been a lens featuring such a drama is indeed Dianxuan. was in the circle is also talking about a lot of people and even many Dream experts have questioned eye watching these young people?? talk for Dream profound outside, the scene of the it is very difficult. received a mandate from the beginning to the music creation completed before and after about four and a half. unknown Chen Li? The composer said: kinds of dialect belongs only to the was still Changchun automobile factory to do the workshop laboratory technicians, workers singer to enter the crew finally completed the concert of songs including 

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